Geology is the science which studies rocks and minerals. I think that studying too much is boring but there are some phenomena and other interesting things.

It has died something. Honestly, I didn’t know that it existed until it appeared on TV news. The “Azure Window” was a touristic place that used to be used for setting films (and “GoT”, of course!). But, what has happened to buzz it off? Man’s fault? Indirectly yes, but to a greater extent, it’s because of geology.

I think geology has a “Basic Law”, conceived by me: “Nothing formed in nature and is geological lasts fully and forever”. There are some geological agents who modify the relief and make it interesting, not flat.

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The Netherlands is very flat, flat, flaaaat. Source:

Wind, precipitations, glaciers, rivers, waves… are examples of geological agents.

How was the “Azure Window” formed? For 500 years, two caves were eroded by rain and waves until they collapsed and formed the arch that existed until a few days ago. Obviously, the erosion hadn’t stopped since then.

The erosion is the first process of rocks’ formation. The geological agents enter into action and wear away the relief, taking off matter to transport it.

How was this monument destroyed that has made people cry bitterly (and I insist don’t do it because geology does its homework)? On the news, they say that a strong swell, caused by a storm, has pulled it down, but not only the force can beat. The limestone can’t be dissolved in water. When it reacts with carbon dioxide, it becomes into calcium bicarbonate. This is soluble in water so the rock can become disintegrated. This is called chemical weathering by carbonation. Of course, this process is slow. The water pressure can also break up the rock: if it gets into the crevices, it can make them bigger and crack! Malta is composed of some islands of limestone, its most abundant mineral is calcium carbonate CaCO3. So I think time arrived.

I send you all my condolences, Malteses.

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“Sooner or later, I know I will fall. Bye bye forever”. Source: “”.

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